3 Things to Look for in a Reliable Gas Engineer

When it comes to keeping your boiler from breaking down and your central heating going it’s important that you rely on the services of a gas engineer that you can trust to get the job done correctly. With gas there is little margin for error, and a shoddy or leaky system may not just leave you cold, but could put you and your family a risk as well.

For this reason it’s important that you’re thorough and do your research prior to putting your safety in the hands of any potentially unreliable gas engineers. You need to be sure that any tradesmen that you trust your boiler, central heating and other gas related work to meets the following criteria before allowing them to step foot in your home.

Need to Be Gas Safe Registered

The first thing that any smart consumer should look for before hiring a tradesman is that they’re a Gas Safe registered engineer. Only Gas Safe registered tradesmen are legally qualified to work as gas engineers.

It’s possible to tell if your engineer is registered by looking them up on the Gas Safe Register website. You should also ask to see your gas engineer’s gas safety cards prior to allowing them to do any work.

Make sure to check the front and the back of their Gas Safe ID card for the following:

  • A photo of your gas engineer
  • Their license number
  • The day that the registration began, as well as its expiry date
  • The business for which the engineer is employed
  • A security hologram
  • The back of the card should list the jobs that the engineer is qualified to do

Remember that when inspecting the rear of your engineer’s gas safety card, that the job for which you’re hiring them is listed under their qualifications. It’s also important to make sure that all qualifications are up-to-date.

Should Have Impeccable Reviews

Any company that you take into consideration should also have excellent reviews. This is easy enough to check by simply typing their company name into a search engine. There are plenty of great resources available online for investigating the level of satisfaction of previous customers, such as trusted traders and feefo in the UK.

Guaranteed Parts and Labour

If the above requirements are met, and the company also guarantees its parts and labour, and then there’s an excellent chance that you’ve found a suitable company. This is because any company that is capable of maintaining a stellar reputation is likely to follow through on their promises.

 Therefore, if a company has been able to maintain positive reviews over the years, as well as guarantee their work, you can trust that you’ll be covered in the unlikely scenario that things do go wrong.

Reliable Gas Engineers in West London

For those in London, a great company to look into is West London Gas. Our fully insured team of gas and heating engineers are all Gas Safe registered, and can solve any boiler, central heating or other gas related issue. If after doing your research, you decide that we’re the right team of gas engineers for you, and then please contact us on 020 8434 3644 or by email at admin@westlondongas.com.

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