Are Smart Thermostats Worth It?

Are Smart Thermostats Worth It?

Smart thermostats are being offered more and more often these days and you may wonder if they are really as good as they say they are. In fact, many people find smart thermostats to be very useful and it could well be worth your time to invest in one.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

Normal thermostats are dials or digital boxes that allow you to change the temperature by adjusting the control box. This means you need to go to the dial and adjust it manually. However, a smart thermostat lets you do this remotely, usually from an app on your phone.

Regular thermostats may allow you to programme the house when the temperature changes, such as before you get up in the morning or just before you come home from work. However, they are often frustrating to use and can be difficult to programme. Instead, you will prefer working with an app for the smart thermostat, as it is much more user-friendly.

Not only can you adjust the temperature remotely, but you can also adjust for specific parts of the home, when you want to prepare the house for your arrival, and much more. You can even have the thermostat turn the heat on if it’s cold and thundering outside, or up the AC if it’s too hot.

The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

While the flexibility is wonderful and many people will enjoy the smart programming, it’s also useful to have a smart thermostat for other reasons. It will track your energy usage and this will give you some key information on your habits. You may even compare your stats to other homes in the area to see if you are saving money or spending it.

The more energy you save, the more it will show up on the data from your smart thermostat. If you’re trying to be eco-friendlier and more conscious of using too much energy, this can be a huge help. It automatically provides the necessary information to help you make more informed decisions.

Even if you aren’t interested in programming your new thermostat, you can set it to read your habits. Within a couple of weeks, the thermostat will simply adjust according to your needs. It learns from what you do and this can help the system adapt to what you tend to like.

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