How Intelligent Heating Controls Can Save You Money

How Intelligent Heating Controls Can Save You Money On Your Heating Bills

With prices skyrocketing in recent months, it seems more important than ever before to try and save as much money as possible when it comes to your heating. You want your home to be as comfortable as possible, which usually means making the most of your heating. However heat often makes up the majority of a utility bill, so it is important to think carefully about how to stay cosy but also save money. This is where intelligent heating controls can help.

Here is how intelligent heating controls can help you save money on your heating bills without sacrificing your comfortability.

Always Learning

Smart heating controls are always paying attention to your routine. They can detect when you enter and leave the house, knowing to automatically turn the heating off and on in preparation for this. They will learn when you like the house warmer and when you normally have the heating off. It can also detect outside weather, turning itself off if it’s warm outside or increasing the heat on particularly chilly days. This will save you money by automatically turning the heating off when you don’t need it.

Transparent Usage

All the data collected by intelligent heating controls is available to view via a website or on an app. This way you can examine your energy usage, see when you’re spending the most money and figure out how to make improvements to your heating bill.

Expert Gas Engineers

Now you know the benefits of intelligent heating controls, it’s time to get them installed. West London Gas Ltd offers the installation of Google Nest intelligent heating control systems for the benefit of your home. They work by combining a timer, sensors and learning software to optimise your heating schedule, keeping you warm when you need it and saving you money by not heating your home when you don’t.

They can preheat your home so that it’s warm at the right time and minimise unnecessary energy usage. It does this by learning your schedule, taking notes every time you adjust the temperature or turn the heating on and off. All this data is available to see online on a web browser or via an app, where you can access straightforward graphs about how your home is heated and the amount of energy being used. The app can also be used to control your Google Nest from anywhere, perfect if you’ve forgotten to turn the heating off before going out or making sure the house is warm for your arrival on a cold day.

So get in touch today on 02084 343 644 for a free no-obligation quote for intelligent heating controls in your home. Along with controls, we also offer the installation and maintenance of central heating, gas and boilers. Visit our website now to find out more about our range of services.

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