How London Homeowners Can Look After Their Boilers This Summer

Boiler breakdowns can happen all-year round, but most people associate them with the winter months, and probably don’t think about their central heating in the warmer weather. However, your appliances need to be maintained in all weathers, and it can sometimes be more difficult to spot a breakdown in the summer, as you use your boiler less. Here are some ways that Londoners can take care of their boilers in the next few months.

Get a service

Most homeowners get an annual boiler service carried out, but many people wait until the winter, which can be a busy time for gas engineers. Summer is usually a much less stressful time to get a boiler service, which will include things such as:

·        Water and gas pipes – ensuring they’re clean and unblocked

·        Seals – ensuring they’re intact and safe

·        Fans

·        Electrical connections

·        Flue – ensuring there’s the right combination of gas and air

A service can also help your boiler to run much more efficiently, which can save you money in the long term, so it’s something you should consider doing.

Turn on your heating

Because boilers can be underused during the summer months, they can sometimes seize up, and once the weather turns cold and you go to switch them on, they fail. Any heating engineer will tell you the importance of using your boiler for short intervals during the summer months. Many Londoners leave the city during the warmer months, meaning their properties are empty during this time. It’s worth setting a timer so your boiler comes on for 10-minutes a day to avoid issues.

Bleed your radiators

Your radiators get used a lot in winter and spring, which means dust and dirt will have accumulated during this time. Therefore, summer is an excellent time to do jobs such as bleeding your radiators. You can pick up a radiator key at most DIY shops, and you simply need to turn off your heating, then open your radiators valves, allowing the water to bleed into a bowl. It’s one of those things, along with a gas safety check, that homeowners should aim to do once a year. If you can’t figure out how to do it, then ask a gas engineer.

Check your insulation

Having a house that is properly insulated means you use your boiler less, which can help extend its life. Summer is an excellent time to get into the loft and check your insulation, ensuring that it doesn’t need replacing or whether any more can be added. Many period homes in London can suffer from draughts, or may have old-style insulation that doesn’t work as modern materials, so make some time to check it out and you can save on your heating bills.


For boiler breakdowns or any queries about your gas appliances, contact West London Gas on 020 8434 3644 or e-mail Based at Boundary House, Boston Rd, London, W7 2QE, we offer a fast response and friendly service.

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