How to Keep Your Boiler Costs Down 

If you’ve been dreading winter because of how high your heating costs can get, then it might be a good time to consider purchasing a new boiler. A new central heating boiler can cut down on your cost of utilities dramatically. This is because, like any large appliance, the efficiency starts to decrease over the life of the boiler.

Whether you decide to repair your existing boiler or replace it altogether is up to you. However, a new boiler can save you hundreds of pounds every year, by reducing your heating bills up to 40%. While the initial cost can be significant, there are a few things that you should keep in mind up front, which can help you enjoy the residual savings as soon as possible after the purchase.

Pick a reputable brand with excellent reviews

Not all boilers are created equally. Some are much better than others, which means that they will last for significantly longer periods of time, without requiring repair or replacement. A new boiler is a big investment, which means that you should do it right from the beginning. Talk to a professional heating engineer to find out how you can get a great deal on an excellent appliance.

Choose a good heating engineer for installation

This point cannot be emphasised enough. This is an expensive and important piece of equipment, you should take care to ensure that you choose a heating and gas engineer who has years of experience working in this field, who will be able to install without any problems and recognise any potential issues before they arise. Lots can go wrong during the installation process, so it is essential that it is done right or you may have much bigger problems than high utility bills on your hands.

Look for a company that offers after care support

The life of a boiler can be relatively long for appliances and, as mentioned earlier, they can start to break down after eight or ten years service. It will serve you well to look for a team of specialists who can install the boiler for you, and then offer any additional maintenance and repairs that may be needed down the line. This ensures that the team will already be familiar with your product, and should be able to address any issues quickly and likely at a lower rate than another team who did not install the appliance.

Consider buying a manufacturer’s warranty

A new boiler is a pricey purchase, though it can save you quite a lot of money over time. Protect your investment with a manufacturer’s warranty, if one is offered on the particular product. Chances are, over the lifetime of the boiler, you will likely need to have some repairs or maintenance done, which may not be covered by the gas and heating team but could be covered under a warranty.

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