Six New Year’s Resolutions For Your Boiler

6 New Year Resolutions For Your Boiler

The New Year is just on the horizon and that means it’s time to start setting your New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead. Each year, lots of people write long lists of resolutions that many struggle to stick to. The most popular ones include losing weight, taking up a new hobby or getting a new job – but we often don’t think about resolutions that can improve our home or save us money on our energy bills.

It’s no secret that the boiler is the beating heart of the home; without it, we have no access to hot water or heating when the weather’s cold outside. Often, it’s not until our boiler actually breaks down that we realise just much we need it – and by then we have a costly repair bill on our hands.

To keep your boiler in top condition, it’s important you look after it properly throughout the year. Even in summer when your boiler isn’t being used as much, it’s important you keep on top of maintenance and take the necessary steps to keep it in top condition.

Don’t worry, at West London Gas we understand that homeowners often have a long to-do list and carrying out boiler maintenance isn’t always at the top of it. However, we also know just how important it is to properly look after your boiler, which is why we’ve compiled a list of easy New Year’s resolutions to stick to. Following these resolutions will help keep your boiler in top condition and ensure it continues to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Book in an annual boiler service

If you do one thing for the health of your boiler in the coming year, make sure it’s booking in an annual service. Many homeowners avoid booking in a boiler service as they see it as an unnecessary added cost to the already-expensive costs of owning a house. However, having your boiler professionally serviced is extremely beneficial and will help ensure you and your family remain safe in your home.

A professional heating engineer will thoroughly inspect your boiler and make sure all parts are in top working order. They can detect any small issues early on before they turn into huge costly problems down the line and carry out the necessary repairs to ensure your boiler functions correctly and efficiently.

Pay attention to any problems

Make it your mission to address any problems immediately in the New Year. It can feel tempting to ignore an odd sound coming from your boiler or a small leak, but it’s absolutely crucial you don’t – these small problems can be an indication of a bigger problem and it’s important you get them checked out right away.

It pays to have a reliable gas company on hand to call if you notice or experience any problems. Make sure the company you choose offers emergency call-out services and has a team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers to look after your boiler for you.

Bleed your radiators

Have you noticed your boiler taking longer and longer to heat up your home? Whether rooms in your home don’t quite get hot enough when you turn up the heating or your property takes a very long time to get warm, your radiators could be the problem rather than your boiler. Make it your New Year’s resolution to bleed your radiators if you notice the heating in your home drop.

To bleed your radiator, you’ll need a radiator bleeding key (which can be picked up from any homeware store). Gently turn the key to open each radiator valve and release the trapped air. Doing this every so often can have a huge impact on the performance of the heating system in your home and save you money on your energy bills too.

Insulate your pipes

It’s crucial your pipes are adequately insulated to prevent them from bursting when temperatures drop outside. Pipe insulation is often overlooked by homeowners, but insulating your pipes can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your boiler and protect your home from unexpected water damage. Don’t worry, insulating your pipes doesn’t have to break the bank. Foam tube insulation is inexpensive to purchase and can easily be fitted around your pipes to keep them warm and reduce heat loss.

Include your boiler in your cleaning schedule

The New Year is the perfect time to give your home a good clean. After all the festive fun has settled down, it’s good to go into a New Year with a clean, organised home. When tidying and cleaning your home for the year ahead, make sure you include your boiler in your cleaning schedule. While your boiler may be something you usually don’t think about, it’s important to include it in your cleaning schedule. Regular cleaning will help prevent a buildup of dust and extend the lifespan of your boiler.

Cleaning the outer case of your boiler will keep it in pristine condition and this is the perfect time to inspect your boiler for any problems or signs of damage too. It’s important the area around your boiler is free of clutter and your boiler isn’t covered to ensure it stays well ventilated too. Make sure you remove any clutter while cleaning and always call a professional should you notice any problems.

Learn how your boiler works

This is the year to dig out your boiler manual! While you may know how to turn your boiler on and off, really learning what all of the controls mean and how to access different settings will help you get the most out of your boiler. It’s surprising just how many people don’t know how to access certain settings on their boilers.

Your manual will also help you work out any warning signs you need to look out for and what to do if your boiler doesn’t seem to be working properly. If you don’t have the manual, don’t worry. There’s plenty of information online – but if you want some professional advice, it’s worth calling up a reliable company to advise and guide you on how to get the most out of your boiler.

West London Gas: Gas, Heating and Plumbing Engineers in West London

Whether you need a new boiler installed or your central heating needs servicing, you needn’t look further than the experienced and skilled team at West London Gas. We’re proud to provide only the best quality installations and repairs and are proud to be the boiler specialists in West London. We supply and install a wide range of high-quality boilers at highly competitive prices, meaning our qualified team can offer you a fantastic deal on a boiler that will serve you well for years to come.

Our team also offers boiler servicing solutions and maintenance services. We can deliver essential maintenance that will keep your boiler working to its very peak and are always on hand should your boiler need repairing. We’re proud to operate a 24/7 emergency call out service and provide long-lasting repairs that meet the very highest industry standards.

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