Top Tips To Keep Your Central Heating In Tip Top Shape For Winter

Our glorious summer is but a memory and we’re all getting ready for another cold winter now. Our thoughts are turning to warmth and keeping our homes warm for the colder months ahead. If you want to make sure that you have no central heating issues at an inopportune time, then there are some measures you can take now so that your system is in good working order for the winter. West London Gas, qualified heating and gas engineers, tell you exactly how you can keep everything ticking over by following a few simple tips now.

  • Test your central heating regularly, all year round

It may not have occurred to you in the blazing hot days of June and July, but one of the best ways to keep your central heating system in good working order, is to keep it running regularly. A little like an old car, it can seize up over time if not used, so if you run it for five minutes or so from time to time (we recommend every couple of weeks) so that the valves can expand and contract and keep everything moving along. You will also discover if something is blocked and it’s better to fix it now than a bitter week in November.

  • Get your boiler serviced regularly

Now is the time to get your boiler serviced. If you get your boiler serviced regularly then problems can be identified before your system breaks down. It’s best to do this in June or July, when heating engineers are less busy (you might even get a good deal!) but if you haven’t done it yet, do it now.

  • Bleed your radiators

Get out your radiator key and bleed every radiator in the house. It’s a tedious job but it will help you find if any of your radiators aren’t working properly before it gets too cold. You know there’s something wrong if there are any cold spots in between the warm bits or if your radiators are colder at the bottom than the top as the water isn’t getting through. If there are problems, then you may need to get a power flush, which will clear out your system. Only plumbers with the correct gas safe certificate can do this, so give West London Gas a call.

  • Check all radiators, not just one or two

You won’t identify a problem from just one radiator, unfortunately. Turn your system up full and then go around the house checking each one. You don’t have to have your valves open fully all year, particularly as the weather just starts to get cold, but it’s important to check that everything is in working order.

Need a gas safety check?

Whether you need something repaired or would like a qualified engineer to perform a gas safety check, West London Gas can help. Call us today on 020 8434 3644 and we can advise on all your central heating requirements.

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