What to Do When Your Central Heating Breaks Down

What to Do When Your Home’s Central Heating Breaks Down

Central heating is wonderful, but if it breaks down, you can be in a very bad position. There are technicians that will come and fix the boiler for you, but what happens if they’re busy?

Stay Warm

If it’s cold outside, be aware that the cold will rapidly enter the house and you’ll find yourself very cold in no time. This is when you want to dress in layers to ensure you stay warm enough.

Space heaters

Since central heating doesn’t affect your electricity, you can still use an electric heater. It’s important to use all the safety features and to ensure that your carbon monoxide alarms and fire alarms are functional.


There’s nothing wrong with wrapping up in some blankets if it gets cooler out. However, a proper sleeping bag will provide more warmth if needed.


If you have a fireplace, go ahead and turn it on or light it. The heat will not be as efficient as a central heating system, but it does provide you with some warmth. You should close off the room the fireplace is in to help keep the heat trapped in the one space. If necessary, sleep in there, as well.

Stay warm as best you can, even if this means staying at a hotel while the boiler is fixed.

Call for Help

It’s also important to get a repair done as quickly as possible. You should have a trusted company that you can rely on to call and get your repairs done relatively quickly. Once you know what the timeline is, you can better plan for either staying in the home or moving elsewhere for the time being.

Prevent Breakdowns

The best way to stay safe in the winter with your central heating system is to ensure that you prevent it from causing problems in the first place. Every autumn, you should have a full maintenance check-up done on your boiler to detect any issues. These can be fixed before the cold becomes a problem and you have less of a chance of being left in the cold later on.

Get in Touch

Need to schedule a maintenance visit? West London Gas is ready to help.

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