When to Get Your Central Heating Serviced

When to Get Your Central Heating Serviced

Your central heating is an essential part of staying comfortable and safe during the winter months. Once the cold sets in, it’s not a good time to start worrying about maintenance and servicing, so when should you do it?

The best choice for planning your central heating service is summer or early autumn. This should be before you actually need the boiler to kick in because you’ll find it gets very cold if you’re forced to turn off the boiler while it’s getting fixed up and serviced. Instead, plan for services during the warmer months. It won’t affect your life and when the cold hits, you’ll be ready.

Why Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Every heating system should be serviced at least once a year. If you have more issues with the system, then you may need to service more often. It’s actually a legal requirement that landlords have their system looked at once every 12 months, though this is not the law if it’s your own house.

Why do you need to make sure your boiler is serviced and well maintained? Here are the main reasons:

Save Money

First, if you repair the problems before they become big problems, you’ll pay less. It’s much cheaper to have someone service the boiler than to call them because something burst. The technician will inspect everything while doing the maintenance and this can result in finding things that may need repairs. These are often in the early stages of failure, so they have yet to really affect your boiler.

In addition, a boiler that is poorly maintained tends to waste gas and electricity. You’ll pay a lot more for the same heating as your home, just because it is inefficient. Regular maintenance will keep it functioning at its best.

Stay Safe

There is a small risk of carbon monoxide when you have a boiler in the house. This gas is colourless and odourless, but it is very deadly. You should have a carbon monoxide alarm, as well as a fire alarm, but it is important to ensure there are no leaks, too. Regular maintenance can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning as well as reduce fire risks.

Avoid the Cold

If your boiler breaks down in the middle of winter, you’ll suffer from the cold. It’s best to fix those issues long before the cold weather so you won’t need to go without heat.

Get In Touch

Need to service your boiler? Now is a perfect time, while you’re still enjoying sunshine and warmth. Contact West London Gas to make an appointment.

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