Why Isn’t My Central Heating Working? Four Possible Causes

Why Isn’t My Central Heating Working? Four Possible Causes

Our central heating systems are essential, especially during the winter months, and no one wants to live in a property that’s freezing cold or without hot water. Many people don’t pay much attention to how their central heating functions, but like all things, it can be prone to problems.

There are many potential reasons why your central heating isn’t working, but it can be helpful to have some basic knowledge to help you recognise and diagnose the issue. It’s important to call a central heating engineer as soon as possible to solve the problem, but in the meantime, see below for four possible causes of faulty central heating.

Trapped air in your radiators

If your radiators aren’t getting warm but hot water is still running, chances are that there’s trapped air in your radiators. Bleeding your radiators is often all it takes to fix this issue; turn off your heating and use a radiator key to open the valve at the top. You should hear a hissing noise as trapped air is released; wait until the hissing stops and water trickles out, then retighten the valve.

Sediment build-up

If bleeding your radiators didn’t fix the issue, then you may have a build up of sediment in the plumbing itself. Build ups in your central heating pipes can physically block the hot water from reaching the radiators and you’ll need to call a plumber to professionally flush the system.

Leaky pipes

A leak in your pipes will interrupt the flow of hot water to your radiators, leaving them cold. Telltale signs of a leak include twanging and clanking noises from the pipes, as well as obvious signs of dripping water. If you suspect you have a leak, call a plumber straight away as leaks can cause serious damage to your interiors and foundations if left unattended.

Control panel issues

Nowadays, many people use smart heating controls to schedule when their heating turns on and off, as well as the temperature. An issue with your interval timer or control panel might mean that the heating isn’t turning on when it’s supposed to, so use a factory reset for your device to see if that makes a difference.

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