5 Signs of Boiler Issues that West London Homeowners Should Look Out For

Boilers are an important part of your home, giving you heating and hot water, and many of us take them for granted until we have a problem with them. However, before a breakdown, many boilers will start to show signs that they aren’t performing properly or have issues, which means you can keep an eye out for potential problems. In order to protect your central heating and hot water supply, look out for these common signs that your boiler might soon have issues.

1. It takes a while to heat up

Nobody likes waiting for the heating to come on, and nothing is more frustrating than waiting for the hot water before you have a shower. If your boiler is starting to take longer and longer to work, then it might be a sign it’s time to call out a heating engineer. There could be a simple issue with the boiler, or it might be more cost effective to fit a modern, efficient model.

2. Your boiler is over 12 years old

Most boilers last for about 15 years, but once they get to the 12-year mark they can be functional yet inefficient. Many London homes have charming period features, but nobody wants their boiler to be vintage. Around the 12-year mark, it’s worth getting gas engineers to carry out regular servicing to keep it running, and they may advise a new boiler would be a better choice. Newer boilers have advantages such as:

* Better energy efficiency

* Savings on energy bills

* Quieter operation

* Compact and modern styles

* Better heating controls

If an old boiler becomes particularly inefficient, then the cost of a new boiler is soon recouped in savings on your energy bills.

3. Noisy boilers

A noisy boiler can be a sign of a lot of problems. Sometimes it can be clunking or banging, or it may be a whistling sound. Luckily, it can often be something simple like a limescale build-up that is causing the problem, so engineers with gas safety cards will be able to fix the problem quickly. It’s important not to ignore a noisy boiler, as if the issue isn’t taken care of, then you may have a full breakdown on your hands.

4. There’s a smell of gas or a carbon monoxide alarm

Smelling gas, or having your carbon monoxide alarm go off, can indicate serious problems with your boiler such as a leak. If this happens, you should open your doors and windows and immediately leave your house. If your gas meter is at the front or back of your property, then switch off the supply immediately and seek help. Only qualified gas engineers can deal with this sort of situation.

5. You have to carry out lots of DIY fixes

Constantly needing to reset your boiler, or re-pressurise your system, is often a sign that your boiler is its way out. Similarly, if you are constantly calling out engineers, even if the issues are small then it can mean a new boiler would be a better option.

If you’re in London and having problems with your boiler, simply call West London Gas today on 020 8434 3644 for installations, servicing, and breakdowns.

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