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What are intelligent controls?

Do you find yourself often adjusting the temperature? A Honeywell wireless control system can make it easier by giving you quick access to the thermostat. But if you want to save the most money and reduce your carbon footprint, the Google Nest intelligent heating control system is what you need.

The Google Nest thermostat is a learning thermostat, doing the work for you by continually optimising your central heating throughout the changing winter months. This means that it will keep your house warm when you want it warm, and it will save you money and reduce pollution by not heating your home when you don’t need it to. Give West London Gas a call today to enquire about our wireless control systems for the West London area.

How does it work?

Google Nest uses a combination of a timer, sensors and its intelligent learning software to continually optimise your heating schedule. It uses sensors to detect when you’re at home and when you leave, learning your schedule and heating your home only when you’re in.

If you get up and get home from work at a regular time, it will pre-heat your home so that it’s warm for you at the right time. It learns how long it takes to heat your home as well, so it can minimise its energy usage. If it’s too hot or cold you can adjust the temperature and Nest will remember the change, adjusting its schedule.

Unique features and support

Nest is wired into the internet and records data constantly. This means you can go online and get graphs of how your home is being heated and how much energy it is using. This can help you plan your home heating budget and adjust the thermostat if needed, and you can see if your central heating starts using more energy than it should and needs a service.

Being connected to the Internet, there’s an app for it too. This means you can control the Google Nest thermostat right from your phone, tablet or laptop, so you really can adjust the temperature from wherever you are. West London Gas fit and supply these intelligent heating systems throughout West London, so call today to find out more.

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