Installing a Hydrogen Boiler

Residential heating makes up 38% of the UK’s total gas usage, and an average household gas boiler produces greenhouse gases roughly equivalent to around 2.2 tonnes of CO2 annually. The solution to decarbonising the grid – Hydrogen.

Hydrogen-Fired Boilers

In heating and hot water, achieving complete carbon reduction is a complex task, mainly due to the existing infrastructure and reliance on natural gas in the UK. Hydrogen, being a carbon-free energy carrier, presents a potential solution as its combustion results in no carbon dioxide emissions at point of use.

What is a Hydrogen Blend Boiler?

The majority of modern gas appliances today are capable of running on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas. A hydrogen blend boiler is a gas boiler designed to use a blend of hydrogen and natural gas as its fuel source. 20% of its fuel is hydrogen; the remaining 80% is natural gas from the current network. Hydrogen blend boilers have been developed to transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

If the government begins to introduce more “green gases” into the UK gas grid, your new gas boiler will be able to operate without major changes. It will remain usable throughout its lifetime, and there will be no need to switch to an electric-powered boiler.

In our bid to protect the planet and cater to demand, we at West London Gas provide and expertly fit a range of Hydrogen Blend Boilers.

Why Hydrogen Boilers?

Considering that one-third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from residential properties, without transitioning to new home heating technologies and fuels, it’s evident that the UK cannot achieve its climate change objectives.

Replacing natural gas boilers with hydrogen gas may be the simplest solution to the nation’s heating problems. Hydrogen is a carbon-free fuel source, and hydrogen boilers can fit into a current boiler’s physical space without much disruption.

Advantages of Installing a Hydrogen Blend Boiler:

· More efficient than gas boilers – 1kg of hydrogen is burned per 2.8kg of natural gas, saving you fuel and money.

· Clean and carbon zero – The combustion of hydrogen produces only water vapour as a by-product. No carbon dioxide or other harmful pollutants are created.

· Smooth and easy transition – Uses the same heating system, reducing cost and disruption.


Will My Existing Boiler Be Banned from 2025?

While we’re heading towards a hydrogen future, you should have no issue using your current gas boiler. You won’t be required to remove or replace your gas boiler while it works. Even beyond 2025, you will have the option to purchase a gas boiler. The confusion stems from the rules for new builds. From 2025 new builds must be fitted with hydrogen blend boilers, but there is no such ban for the existing housing market.

If we transition and gas boilers are phased out, you will need either a heat pump or a boiler that utilises hydrogen gas (at least partially). One of the many advantages of the Hydrogen blend boiler is its compatibility with existing heating infrastructure. When you come around to replacing your traditional gas boiler, a hydrogen blend boiler can easily be fixed in its place.

What Is a Hydrogen-Ready Boiler?

In the not so distant future (2030), we can expect to see Hydrogen Ready Boilers that can entirely run off hydrogen on the market. These will be able to use the 20:80 blend and switch

to 100% hydrogen within an hour. A hydrogen-ready boiler is designed to serve as a like-for-like replacement for an existing natural gas boiler. It can be swiftly and effortlessly adapted to run on hydrogen if and when local networks transition.

Is Hydrogen a Safe Fuel?

Several trials are ongoing across the UK. The ‘HyStreet’ project in Northumberland is a prime example where over 200 tests to thoroughly investigate its safety were carried out. In Gateshead, a further 668 homes trialled the 20% blend. The government-funded ‘Hy4Heat’ project also conducted extensive research to ensure the safe use of hydrogen in households.

If you’re keen on working towards a greener future, the gas-safe registered engineers at West London Gas can take care of fitting a brand-new hydrogen blend boiler in your home.

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