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At West London Gas, we’re proud of our reputation for delivering efficient and effective boiler servicing. Call to book your service, today. Your boiler is an essential appliance every day of the year, but especially during the colder months when they’re often working overtime to keep us nice and warm, not to mention the day-to-day heating of water for cooking or washing. All that work takes its toll on your boiler, and without regular maintenance, you may find its condition deteriorates after a while. You don’t want any problems to escalate, and thankfully you can prevent issues from arising with regular boiler servicing from our skilled and experienced engineers.

Save on your bills

A well-serviced boiler is an efficient boiler. As a boiler gets older it takes more energy to produce heat and produces less heat overall. You pay more to get less. Our boiler servicing can change all that by increasing the energy-efficiency of your boiler. To start saving up to 40% on your gas bills just give us a call. You can arrange one-off servicing, or for extra convenience you can arrange regular annual servicing from West London Gas. We’re available from Kensington to Greenford, Richmond, and Wembley, and everywhere in-between.

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