How London Residents Can Help Prevent Boiler Breakdowns

How London Residents Can Help Prevent Boiler Breakdowns

Boilers play a big part in our home, providing hot water for showers, cleaning and more, as well as providing central heating to keep the place comfortable. That’s why it’s so important that they are kept in the best possible condition, and while you can’t always predict a boiler breakdown, there are certain steps you can take to prevent it. Here are some steps that Londoners can take to keep their boiler at its best.

Insulate your pipes

London often suffers when there’s a big freeze, and during this time many boilers stop working. This means gas engineers are at their busiest. However, you can avoid pipes from seizing up with some cheap insulation. Check your condensate pipes, as they’re the most likely to freeze, which will stop your boiler. If they run outside, they’ll need some insulation or something to keep them warm. If they do freeze, you can try to use a hot water bottle to thaw them before calling someone out.

Get an annual service

Boiler servicing is a great way to keep your appliance lasting for as long as possible and to avoid issues during the winter months. Book a heating engineer to carry it out in the summer, and you’ll be prepared for the harsh weather ahead. Some things an annual service will check include:

·        Gas pressure and flow

·        The electrical connections

·        The unit is sealed and there are no leaks

·        Flue and combustion

·        Pipes are clear

Life can often get busy, and it can be difficult to remember to get your servicing done, so ask if your engineer can send you annual reminders to make things easier.

Get a power flush

In areas such as London where there’s hard water and a greater chance of dirt and debris, a power flush can really make a difference. It can even be done when a gas safety check is being carried out, getting both things carried out at once. Power flushing makes your central heating more efficient, which means your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard during the winter months, so its less likely your appliances will overload.

Turn on the heating during the summer

One reason why many boilers break down once the temperatures drop is because they’ve not been used for long periods. They get switched on when heating is needed, but have seized up, meaning they don’t work properly. You can avoid this by turning on your heating for short bursts during the summer months, just ten minutes or so, which keeps your system running. If you’re going away for long periods, set a timer or ask a neighbour to switch it on. Some heating systems can also be controlled via an app, which ensures you can keep things going.

If you have a boiler breakdown, or want to get your appliance serviced, simply contact West London Gas today. Get a free quote by filling in our online contact form or by calling 020 8434 3644.

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