What Services do Gas Engineers Offer?

What Services do Gas Engineers Offer?

Gas, heating and plumbing are a vital part of your home. Without them, you won’t be able to cook, bathe or wash dishes. So when issues arise, it can be a highly inconvenient or devastating blow to your life. That’s why it’s important to use a qualified gas engineer for all your gas and heating needs, to ensure your systems are kept in a pristine condition and won’t break down in a hurry. In the case problems do arise, you want a reliable and efficient gas engineer to be on hand to fix your problem quickly and with as little disruption to your day.

If you want to know more about what a professional and dependable gas engineer can do for you, keep reading to find out more.

What is a Gas Engineer?

A gas engineer can help to repair, maintain and install gas appliances, pipelines and central heating systems. From this description, you might be under the impression that a gas engineer and a plumber are very similar jobs, but they have one key difference and that is the qualifications they must obtain.

To become a gas engineer you must be Gas Safe registered and hold a formal gas engineer qualification. The Gas Safe Register is a list of all official businesses and gas engineers who are trained and legally qualified to work on gas appliances. If you are a trained gas engineer, it is a legal requirement to be on the Gas Safe Register before you can begin work on people’s gas and heating systems. You can find out if the business you are considering using is on the Gas Safe Register here.

An engineer may need to take a Gas Assessment Training certification to get on the register. This ensures they are fully qualified and have all the knowledge and expertise to safely work on gas and heating systems. They will also need to take the ACS in Gas every five years as a chance to expand on their training and make sure an engineer still knows the skills needed to be a gas engineer.

All gas engineers have to pass an industry qualification such as an NVQ or diploma. There are normally several options that a gas engineer can choose to specialise in, such as Gas Utilisation, Domestic Plumbing and Heating or Domestic Gas Installation and Maintenance. Before studying these qualifications, most potential gas engineers must be employed in an apprenticeship scheme with a business or company.

How to Choose a Gas Engineer

If you’re having to search gas engineer near me on google because you’ve just moved or don’t have a dedicated gas engineer yet, it’s important to find the right engineer for you. Firstly a gas engineer has to have a lot of training and qualifications to become fully qualified, so if someone is on the Gas Safe Register, it is clear they will have the expertise to assist with your gas or heating needs. This is a legal requirement for all qualified gas engineers, so do not work with an engineer without it.

That being said, they can also specialise in different areas, so you should always ask for their other qualifications to see whether their speciality fits your requirements. This can link you with a gas engineer that may specialise in gas installation if that is what you require, or one that is an expert in domestic plumbing.

Also, make sure you check out factors such as cost and reviews from other customers. The cheapest won’t always be the best service, so make sure you check reviews to ensure the quality of the gas engineer you’ll be working with. Make sure you get a quote beforehand with a detailed breakdown of the various costs of the job, such as parts and labour. It’s best to get a quote from a few different individuals or businesses to pick the right one for you.

What Services do Gas Engineers Offer?

Gas engineers can help you with a variety of tasks to do with your heating and gas systems. West London Gas is a London based company that has a dedicated and highly qualified team of gas engineers standing by to help with your heating and gas problems. Here are a few services they can offer you:

Supplying and Installing New Boilers

You could need a new boiler for a variety of reasons. You may have just moved house and wish to replace the old rundown model or want to change to a new energy-efficient boiler. Whatever the reason, a qualified gas engineer can supply and install your new boiler with ease. A new boiler can save you hundreds of pounds that you might otherwise use to run a non-efficient model or to keep repairing a boiler that is past its prime.

So if you’re looking for local boiler installers in London, contact West London Gas. They supply and install a range of high-quality boilers at competitive prices, meaning you can find a boiler that fits your home’s requirements at a price that suits you. We work around your schedule with convenient appointments using our efficient team of gas engineers to install your new boiler at a time that suits you.

Boiler Breakdown Services

If your boiler does break down, you want the issue dealt with as quickly as possible. Being without gas or heating can impact a household heavily, leading to potential health issues and an overall stressful experience. West London Gas operate a 24/7 callout for boiler repairs and can be with you as quickly as possible to get your boiler back up and running. They’re trained to recognise common boiler faults and more complicated issues, find a solution to the complaint and repair the boiler quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible to your home.

Annual Servicing & Maintenance

If you own a boiler, at some point it will require servicing. It is best to schedule regular boiler services to prevent any issues from building up over time, resulting in a hefty bill if a problem does end up breaking your boiler. It is best to have your boiler checked in Autumn, as soon you will be using it very regularly over the winter months. Alternatively, get it checked in spring after a season of use.

During an inspection, they’ll check your gas pressure is adequate and the flow sufficient. They’ll also check all seals and pipes to ensure they’re working well, which can affect the efficiency of the boiler if not. They’ll perform cleaning on all components of the boiler, such as the electrical connections and the condensation trap.

A servicing should not take too long, normally less than half an hour, so will have little disruption to your day. Once the servicing is complete you’ll be given a full-service report that will give an overview of everything that the gas engineer has done during the service, such as replacement parts or maintenance checks. So get booked in with West London Gas now.

Landlord Services

West London Gas can help with landlords responsibilities to keep their tenants happy and their property safe for renters. We can conduct gas safety inspections to make sure your gas safety certificate is up to date, inspecting every aspect of your systems to ensure they remain in pristine condition. Our landlord services are catered to give you everything you need when it comes to looking after your properties, with our Landlords First Scheme and loyalty card. This is a loyalty card that will give you valuable savings and priority access to our tailored services.

Intelligent Heating Controls

Heating and gas technology is constantly developing and improving, with intelligent heating controls the next stage to managing your energy bills. By working with West London Gas to install a wireless control system, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint. These thermostats can optimise your heating through changing weather, keeping your house warm only when you want it to be warm.

It uses a mix of sensors, timers and its software to detect when you’re at home, learning your schedule and pre-heating your house for the time you usually arrive home. Most intelligent heating controls are linked to the internet, meaning you can access your heating from an app and adjust it wherever you are. You can even access graphs and data online to work out how much energy you’re using and budget accordingly.

West London Gas: Trusted Boiler Supplier

If you need a qualified and highly skilled gas engineer, get in touch with West London Gas today. We provide only the best quality installation and repair services for those in Kensington, Greenford, Richmond, Wembley, and everywhere in between. We have an experienced team that will tackle any job you throw at us, no matter what the size.

So give us a call on 02084 343 644 to talk through your requirements with one of our friendly staff and get your free no-obligation quote. Or visit our website now to find out more about the full range of services that we can offer you.

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