What to do if your boiler breaks down

Boilers are essential for keeping our showers hot and our houses warm, so when they break down they can cause a lot of grief, especially when they cut out halfway through your shower. And, with the weather beginning to turn colder, getting stuck without a boiler can be an absolutely miserable experience.

With this in mind, it’s really useful to know what steps to take in the irritating event that your boiler cuts out. So, next time you find yourself despairing in a freezing cold home, run through these useful tips in order to keep you as comfortable as possible.
Assess the danger

Boilers can be dangerous when they’ve broken down, so assess the situation to make sure you’re not in any immediate danger. If you smell gas or notice any leakage from the boiler itself, it is imperative that you and everyone in the property evacuate immediately and call a Gas Safe registered engineer as soon as possible to assess the situation. 
Check for easily fixable problems

If you believe your boiler is completely safe, you may want to do a couple of spot checks to see if there are any problems that you can easily fix yourself. The solution may be as simple as switching it off and on again, so if you’re happy to, have a check to see if that solves your issue. 

Call in the experts
If the old on and off trick doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to get a licensed professional in to ascertain what the problem may be. As a minimum, ensure that your engineer has valid photo identification, which should include a license number and a checklist of jobs they are qualified to carry out. For extra peace of mind, check for reviews on trusted sites such as Feefo and Trusted Traders to ensure you’re getting a good quality engineer.
Keep warm
If your boiler has well and truly given up the ghost, you’ll be needing to keep yourself warm until the problem is fixed, especially as winter is settling in. Keep the warmth you do have in your house by closing any windows and doors, investing in draught excluders, and drawing curtains to better insulate your property. 
Prevention is the best cure

You’re likely to not want to have to relive the irritation of getting your boiler fixed again after a breakdown so make sure to book in regular services with your local gas engineer to keep your system running at optimum efficiency. In doing so, you could be saving both time and money in excess heating bills, so it’s always good to be on the safe side.

If you’re currently lamenting the lack of heat in your home, it might be time to get in touch with West London Gas. Supplying countless happy customers with excellent gas engineering solutions, you can be sure you’re in the right hands. For more information on our range of services, check out our website and get a free estimate.

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