What To Expect From a Boiler Service

What To Expect From a Boiler Service

The majority of homes in the UK are heated by some variety of boiler, this could be oil or gas fired. Whilst boilers are for the most part, highly reliable, if they’re left untouched, things can go wrong and they will become a little less efficient. With this in mind, regular boiler servicing is essential. However, you may be wondering, what is involved with a boiler service? And what should I expect when an engineer arrives at my home? This blog will outline what you need to know in regards to a boiler service to help you feel prepared or just help you feel a little more clued up on the topic. Read on to find out more.

Why do you need a service?

Prior to having a boiler service, it’s crucial that you make sure the engineer is qualified to carry out the work. If you have a gas boiler, you need to make sure that the engineer is Gas Safe registered. An oil boiler on the other hand, needs to be serviced by an OFTEC engineer.

If you have any concerns, make sure you ask to see their ID card before they commence work on your boiler.

Here we list a couple of the practices your engineer may carry out during their visit:

●    Visual testing – your engineer will see if the boiler meets current standards and the necessary requirements, the engineer will be looking for any corrosion or leaks. They will also need to check the flame in your boiler.

●    Removal of the boiler casing – they will then check the components to ensure everything is running correctly and then clean out the inside of the boiler. These checks need to include the heat exchanger, burner, main injector and spark probe.

●    Flue checking – the engineer will ensure there are no harmful obstructions within the flue and that the flue itself is safely in place.

●    Gas pressure checks – this is done to make sure your boiler is working at the correct pressure.

●    Boiler fired up – this allows the engineer to check for any working faults.

If you need a gas boiler service and you happen to be based in West London, get in contact with West London Gas. We offer high quality boiler servicing for both commercial and residential customers ranging from Kensington to Wembley. We operate 24 hours a day to guarantee you’re never caught short, book a boiler service today to ensure your boiler is performing at its best.

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