What to Expect from Boiler Servicing

What to Expect from Boiler Servicing

If you have a boiler, it needs servicing. Most people ignore their boiler unless it stops working but ideally, you’ll have an annual inspection and service. Booking regular services will help to prevent bigger problems later on. Consider having your servicing done in the spring, after a winter of use, or in the autumn, just before the boiler is in full-time use again.

Regular Servicing

Your boiler engineer will start out by checking your boiler for regular wear and tear. They’ll inspect:

Gas: The engineer will make sure the pressure is adequate and the flow sufficient. If there’s poor flow or pressure, the boiler won’t work efficiently and there may be a blockage.

Flue/Combustion: Using a flue gas analyser, the engineer will check that the boiler is burning efficiently. This test also checks for blockages in the flue. If there are any problems, they will be resolved during the inspection.

Seals: The engineer will test the seals and replace any that are not sealing as well as they should, affecting the efficiency of the boiler.

Electric: All electrical connections will be cleaned and tested to make sure they are in good condition and don’t pose a danger. Any electrodes will also be checked.

Condensation trap: This section, as well as the pipe, may become blocked, so it will be cleaned and checked for any potential issues.

Pipes: The water and gas pipes will be examined to make sure they’re working well and are clean.

Safety: All the safety measures will be tested to make sure your boiler is secure and does not pose a risk to you or your home.

Your chosen engineer shouldn’t take long to inspect and test your boiler. In general, it takes half an hour for a boiler in good condition. However, if there are repairs to be made, you can expect this to take a little longer.

Once your engineer has completed the task, you will be given a full service report that will list everything the engineer has done to the boiler, including replacing parts or conducting maintenance. You will need to sign this, but take the time to read over the list of work done before you sign off on it.

Are you in the market for a new boiler or do you want to book a regular boiler service visit? West London Gas is here to help. Book your maintenance visit today.

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