Why Hydrogen? A Brief Guide to the Future of Heating.

Why Hydrogen? A Brief Guide to the Future of Heating.

Traditional boilers have been running on fumes for far too long. At West London Gas, we believe it’s time to stop living in the past. We’re convinced that we must take this opportunity to move forward. To look ahead. We believe the time has come to focus our attention on a sustainable, cleaner future.

We’re ready for what’s next.

So… What’s Next?

By 2030, a mass rollout of hydrogen boilers, with 100% hydrogen usage will start to be implemented in homes.

Nearly all gas appliances that are in use today, including most boilers, run on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas. This is known as a blend. Hydrogen gas makes up for 20% of the blend, with the remaining 80% being completely natural. It’s time for this to change.

When Will This Happen?

By 2025, the aim is to switch over from the primary use of traditional fossil fuels for heating and to instead bring in heat pumps and hydrogen boilers to help achieve carbon reduction goals. Though gas boilers will not be banned from 2025, this will likely mark the end of its reign, as the government sets out its’s carbon reduction targets.

Though some current boilers already have the potential to run on a 20% hydrogen blend, the mass rollout of 100% hydrogen boilers isn’t expected until the 2030s.

By that time, we will have made more than a head start.

Is it Safe?

There are numerous trials taking place across the UK in hydrogen gas and its uses in the home. These include ‘HyStreet’, a test site in Northumberland where over 200 tests have been completed to research the safety of converting homes and gas networks to hydrogen, as well as Keele University, where around 150 boilers were running on up to a 20% hydrogen blend for around 18 months. There is also a 300-home trial in Fife, which will see a switch from natural gas to hydrogen by 2022.

These trials are all in search of the same goal, to gather evidence, to build confidence, and to categorically prove that hydrogen is a safe alternative to natural gas. So far; so good.

What Are The Benefits?

Despite a significant improvement in energy efficiency over the last decade, many existing homes still suffer from poor insulation, air leaks, and consequently, very high carbon levels. It’s now believed that at least a third of UK greenhouse gases come directly from our homes.

Replacing natural gas boilers with hydrogen gas may be the simplest solution to the nation’s heating problems. The only by-product of burning hydrogen gas is water, meaning that it is a carbon-free fuel source and could be a defining method in decarbonising heating and hot water in UK homes. Without this, it is likely the country will not meet its climate change targets in home heating technology and fuel.

Whether you require intelligent heating controls to give you that extra level of customizability or a brand new, hyper-efficient boiler installation, West London Gas can help. For more information, visit our website or give us a call 02084 343 644

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