Everything Landlords Need To Know About Heating Their Properties

Everything Landlords Need To Know About Heating Their Properties

If you’re a landlord renting a property here in the UK, you have a level of duty of care for the tenants who live in your property. This requires you to provide a house that will pose no danger to the inhabitants and is backed up by government regulation. Here are your responsibilities as a landlord for heating a rented property.

Boiler Services

As a landlord and the proprietor of a rented home, you are legally required to service the boilers within any of the properties you own. This is required to ensure that the home is safe for the tenants but will also help you discover any issues before they become too significant and expensive to fix. As well as protecting yourself legally, you can protect yourself financially by having your boiler regularly serviced.


Every so often, radiators will need to be bled and well maintained as and when needed. It’s important to set up a maintenance schedule for your heating systems and your radiators to ensure that your tenants are able to use the heating properly and remain safe within their home.


Finally, as a landlord, you’ll also have to complete repairs to boilers and the heating system as and when they are required. If a tenant has notified you that repairs need completing on a component of the central heating system, you must organise repairs to be made as soon as possible.

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