Where You Should Invest in Insulation If You Want To Save Money on Your Gas Bill

We all would like to save a bit of money on our annual bills and do our bit for the environment. Although having a brand new boiler installed in your home will go along way in helping you achieve this, you should always also consider installing upgraded insulation to ensure that the heat your boiler produces stays within the home as much as possible. Here are the areas of the house you should concentrate on.

The Roof

First and foremost, the roof is the area of your home which you should concentrate on primarily when it comes to updating your insulation. By properly insulating your roof, you can save as much as 20% on your energy bills. As heat rises, your roof will take the brunt of heat loss, so this should be the first area to consider.

The Walls

The walls are another crucial area which can help you save some money on your bills with the installation of quality insulation. Wall insulation will make your home more comfortable and help you reduce your energy bills as well as reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

Finally, particularly if you have single glazed windows, you should also invest in double glazing uPVC windows and doors to reduce the amount of heat loss. These types of windows and doors are excellent for reducing heat loss, as well as being highly durable, lasting for decades and being resistant to rot.

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