Five Reasons Why Boiler Servicing Is Important

Five Reasons Why Boiler Servicing Is Important

Boilers are important within the modern household, providing heat for a home or a supply of hot water. Whether a boiler is providing warmth in a chilly bedroom during the cold winter months, or supplying hot water for a relaxing bath at the end of a tough day, it must function correctly for you to receive the benefits. Boiler servicing ensures a professional set of eyes have overseen the condition of your boiler, at which point they can make an informed decision on the efficiency of it. West London Gas provide boiler servicing among a number of other helpful gas and heating-related tasks. Choose us because it means you’ll never need to worry about finding reliable gas services again.

Continue reading to discover five reasons why annual boiler servicing is important, and learn more about the professional maintenance services that we offer.

The Importance Of Your Boiler

The primary function of a boiler in the home is to act as a heater and provide buildings with the hot water they require. When assisting the central heating system, hot water is pumped from a boiler into each radiator, creating a constant source of heat once turned on. Although it can be located within any room of the house, the boiler is usually found in the kitchen, recognisable as a medium-sized white metal unit. Fueled by natural gas which feeds through automatically from the national gas grid, the importance of a boiler stems from the fact that it needs to be functioning correctly to provide you and your family with crucial heat, and a faulty or badly-maintained boiler can pose all sorts of risks.

The Annual Boiler Servicing Process

The extensive process of West London Gas servicing a boiler involves external checks, internal checks and efficiency tests. appointments will resolve any issues with your boiler, potentially saving you money and safeguarding the occupants of your home. A boiler engineer will clean and adjust components of the boiler, checking for any noticeable damage to the unit. By carrying out various checks, a gas safe engineer will be able to tell you if your boiler is safe to use, functioning optimally, and keeping your heating bills as low as possible.

Servicing Keeps Your Appliance Safe

Regular servicing keeps a boiler appliance safe by allowing an expert to extensively check the components and functions of it. Gas safety checks should ideally be carried out on all gas-fired appliances at least once every 12 months to ensure the unit is kept in good working order. When there isn’t enough oxygen being supplied to the burning fuel in gas appliances they can produce carbon monoxide. Boilers usually carry these waste gases out of your home via a boiler’s flue, but if a flue is blocked or there’s a leak in your boiler, the carbon monoxide has nowhere to go but into your home. This harmful gas is poisonous and can make you seriously ill or even kill you in the worst cases.

You Can Identify Problems Before They Get Worse

Regular checks on a boiler can detect if there is something wrong early in the development of a problem, or stop any issues from progressing. Though most modern boilers are very efficient if correctly maintained, new devices may still develop problems, meaning that you should still have a new boiler regularly checked. Low boiler pressure, radiator faults and boiler leaks can all be identified at an early stage before they get a chance to worsen. Low boiler pressure in particular can be caused by a failed component within the boiler. You should never attempt to remove any casings from the boiler if you do suspect a leak. If you do suspect damage to the boiler, contact an engineer from West London Gas.

Save Money Short And Long-Term On Boiler Repair Costs

Regularly maintained boiler units last longer than neglected boilers, with even the most minor problems identifiable by a qualified engineer. Early repairs or replacements to a boiler will be cheaper than large-scale changes which are required as a result of neglecting a boiler’s condition. Having a boiler replaced completely can be a costly process, so enlisting the help of an engineer puts you on alert for any undetected issues. Regular maintenance can also save you money by ensuring your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. An inefficient boiler will require more fuel to function, equalling bigger energy bills.

Servicing Helps Landlords Comply With Legislation

Legislation dictates that any landlord must comply with the Gas Safety Regulations Act of 1998, making them responsible for servicing the gas appliances of any of their properties at least once a year to ensure they are safe. The only exception to a landlord’s responsibility for boilers is when damage has been caused specifically by the tenant through mistreatment. Required to take quick action in repairing problems quickly, landlords must make an effort to correct any faults within a ‘reasonable time’. All emergency repairs should be fixed within 24 hours, as having no hot water or heating legally constitutes a hazard. Landlords must keep copies of safety checks, and copies of recent checks must be supplied to tenants at the beginning of the tenancy. These records must be also kept for a further two years.

Extend Boiler Longevity

An average boiler will last for 10 to 15 years, and the simplest way to take care of one is by ensuring it receives a thorough service at least once a year from a registered and qualified engineer. Engineers will carry out essential checks to extend the lifespan of a boiler, meaning your unit will keep working safely and efficiently as well as protecting the warranty. Longevity of a boiler can also be ensured by having parts replaced when required. These components may include filters, thermostats and blowers.

Our Services

Not simply limited to boiler servicing, we provide a number of specialist services to clients around West London, including installations, breakdown support and fitting for Intelligent Heating Controls. Below are some of the additional solutions provided by our professional team:

Central Heating Installation

Buying and organising central heating may seem like a complicated task, but with efficient expert installation, it’s easy. Hot water tank, radiator or thermostat, we can install at a time arranged around your schedule. This ensures that you won’t be left waiting for a functional boiler system, with disruption kept to an absolute minimum. Manufacturer-backed warranties are available that can last for up to 10 years, with aftercare provided in addition.

Gas Appliance Breakdown Repairs

Faulty gas appliances can put your entire household at risk, and this is why we offer 24/7 emergency call outs from gas safe engineers.With a commitment to always try and be at your house on the same day as your call, we’ll have the problem diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible, giving you and your family peace of mind. Gas breakdown repairs are both fast and high in quality.

Intelligent Heating Controls

An intelligent heating control system available from us, The Google Nest thermostat is a learning thermostat, doing the hard work for you by optimising the central heating throughout the winter months. Keeping your property warm when you want it to be warm, intelligent heating controls will save you money and reduce pollution by not heating your home when this isn’t required. Using timers, sensors and intelligent software, the device can detect when you’re at home, producing heat only when you’re in.

West London Gas: Central Heating Service Specialists And A Reliable Boiler Service Near Me

Arranging an annual boiler service will ensure your appliances are free of problems for the year ahead. This is especially important as preparation for the cold months, where you’ll be using your heating systems more frequently to keep out that chill. External and internal checks will be carried out by our team, with efficiency tests ensuring that your system is functioning correctly. Saving on your energy bills is easy with an efficient and well-serviced boiler, and our appointments will highlight and resolve any issues that are affecting the efficiency of your set-up and costing you money. Our services are quality yet cost-effective. Choose West London Gas for qualified and vastly experienced gas safe engineers for you.

Priority aftercare gives you access to servicing solutions and great value rates. Providing only the best quality installations and repairs, Vaillant, Potterton, Baxi, and Ideal have made us recommended installers of their products. Many customers stay with us year upon year due to the quality we provide, available from Kensington to Greenford, Richmond, and Wembley, and everywhere in-between. Contact us today for more information on our services, or to speak with a professional.

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