How Do Gas Safety Regulations Impact Your Boiler Repairs and Maintenance?

Landlords are responsible for the safety of their properties and tenants. The government has a wide variety of laws and regulations to ensure that you maintain a safe residence. Complying with these regulations includes the need to have your boiler professionally inspected.

Properly Maintain Your Gas Appliances

The Gas Safety Regulations 1998 include requirements concerning the maintenance of your gas appliances. You are responsible for any appliances that you own, while tenants are responsible for the appliances that they own.

As a landlord, you are required to have your gas appliances serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If service recommendations are not provided, you need to have your appliance serviced annually.

During servicing, a gas engineer inspects your appliance to ensure that it is working correctly. They may also analyse the combustion exhaust gases to determine if the boiler is safely burning gas. Your engineer will also likely inspect the boiler seals and internal parts for any signs of wear and tear.

While boiler service is often needed each year, there are times when you may want to schedule maintenance sooner. If the flame is a light yellow instead of a bright blue colour, you notice black stains near the boiler, or the pilot light keeps going out, you should contact a gas engineer.

Gas Safety Checks are Required Annually

A gas safety check is also required. Your boiler is inspected to ensure that it is correctly set, physically stable, and suitable for the room or property where it is located. The safety check also ensures that all safety devices are working properly.

These checks need to be performed annually by a qualified Gas safe registered heating engineer. The safety check is not the same as an appliance service, which includes a check of all seals, gaskets, and other components.

After the safety check is completed, you should receive a landlord gas certificate. A copy of this record needs to be provided to all tenants. However, there are exceptions. For properties with a rental period of 27 days or less, landlords may display a copy in a visible location.

Gas Safety Certificates for New Boilers

When a new boiler is installed, your heating engineer should provide you with a gas safety certificate. The certificate allows local authorities to verify that your new gas appliance complies with building regulations.

The Gas Safety Regulations do not dramatically impact the way you repair, maintain, or install your boiler or heating system. However, they do require you to work with qualified engineers to comply with the government regulations.

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