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How to create a cosy home

Whatever the weather outside, who doesn’t enjoy coming home to a warm and cosy home after a long day at work? Creating a cosy home isn’t exclusively for winter, and having a calm and relaxing space to come back to can make all the difference, whether it’s glorious sunshine outside or tipping down with rain.

From soft lighting to luxurious textures, there are plenty of ways to bring a cosy, comforting feel to your home, so if you want to learn how to create the perfect snug space, see a few of our tips below.

Warm lighting

The right lighting is key to creating a cosy atmosphere, and soft, warm lighting is the most effective way to go. Opt for floor and table lamps with dimmer switches over bright, fluorescent ceiling lights. You could also choose warm, golden toned light bulbs, and don’t forget candles – a soft, candle-lit glow is the easiest way to make a room feel inviting. Scented candles in flavours like vanilla or cinnamon also add to the overall cosy effect.

Mix and match textures

Rich textures like wool, velvet, sheepskin or fake fur provide both warmth and comfort when spread throughout your home. Rugs, bed or sofa throws and cushions in various textures create a rich, luxurious feel and provide great places to snuggle into when the temperatures drop. Heavy curtains in a fabric like velvet or brocade help to trap extra heat when it’s cold, and they look great too.

Create dedicated nooks

Creating a special relaxation area or corner can help you relax and provide a safe haven from the stresses of everyday life. It can be as little as your favourite armchair or a window seat, but dress it up with comfy cushions, throws or a side table with candles and flowers.

Choose your colours carefully

As you might expect, warm colours create a warmer atmosphere, so think deep reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Highlights of antique gold or copper can also up the cosy factor and make the decor feel richer overall.

Don’t forget the details

Piles of books, framed pictures or photographs and vases of flowers all help make your home feel lived in, warm and inviting. You don’t have to go overboard with clutter, but it’s hard to feel snug in a very bare or minimalist room. If pared back is more your style, you can still add some cosy rugs, candles and lighting to make your home feel inviting.

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