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Smart Heating is Just the Start: Incorporating Technology into your Home

Most home improvements are investments, especially when it comes to purchasing the latest technology appliances for your home. With evolving technology comes a number of new products that can help to cut your energy bills, reduce your environmental footprint and generally make things that little bit more convenient.
In this blog, we give you details on the latest smart technology for the home and focus particularly on smart heating options and how they can benefit you.

Types of smart technology

There are so many types of smart technology for the home nowadays, something for every aspect of the home. Smart appliances are vast in their numbers and everything from TVs to security cameras and even toothbrushes can be ‘smart’. Here, we talk about some of the energy-saving home products currently on the market.

Smart Meters

Smart Meters are something that most homeowners are aware of. These next-generation gas and electric meters are automatic electric meter readings which can be connected to a home gas and electric system to allow the user to keep track of their daily usage.

Whereas previously, homeowners would have to manually submit meter readings to their provider or receive their utility bill based on estimated usage, a smart meter automatically sends the usage to the gas or electric provider. This means that the homeowner only pays for exactly what they use, making readings a lot more accurate and efficient.

Furthermore, smart meters are often provided for free by the gas or electric supplier, so it doesn’t cost to save money.

This allows people to keep track of exactly what they are using, particularly if you choose to opt for a meter which has an ‘in home’ display. These displays show usage in real time, offering readings down to the pound and pence.

Smart meters are slowly being integrated into all UK homes with the aim of allowing each person to manage their energy better. By 2020 it is thought that everyone in England, Scotland and Wales should be offered a smart meter, although it is yet to be confirmed if this will be met.

Smart Central Heating

Everyone wants to save money on their heating bills, and it can be a dreaded moment opening a quarterly utility bill only to find that you are lumped with yet another expensive outstanding sum.

Smart thermostats, much like smart meters work by informing the homeowner of their usage. Unlike smart meters, however, smart thermostats allow the user to control the temperature or switch the heating on or off while they are away from the property using a wireless control system.

Smart thermostats require internet connection, so once you have purchased one, you do need to cover the cost of an internet connection which most homeowners already have.

Smart thermostats are ideal if you’re someone who is in and out of the house regularly, either for work or a busy lifestyle. If you forget to turn off the heating after a cold night, you can regulate it from your mobile phone, meaning you’ll save money that you might have spent leaving it running all day.

It is also great to use this device when you’re away from your home for longer periods of time. Some people might worry that their home might get cold or their heating might seize up if they are away from their property for too long. With a smart thermostat, you’ll have complete control over when it is in use, so you’ll never need to worry about the temperature of your property, no matter where you are.

This appliance also makes it more efficient for you as a homeowner, because you won’t be spending money where you don’t need to, not to mention the energy you will save from not having it running all day.

Another great feature of these devices is that they monitor the temperature of your home, even when idle. With certain types of smart thermostats, you can see how much energy you have used over the month, and compare when you most use your heating to times when it could be turned off. 

Smart Lightbulbs

Smart lightbulbs are slowly becoming one of the most useful gadgets around. If you’re the owner of a smartphone, you can connect lightbulbs around the house to it and switch on, off or dim lights as you wish. Not only does this help you to save energy, but it also gives you complete control and convenience for your lighting around the house.

If you live a busy lifestyle, it can be easy to forget if you leave on a few lights in the house before you leave for work. With smart lightbulbs, you have remote control from your phone so you can manage the light around your house from wherever you are. Just like smart heating devices, these are great for when you’re out of the house for longer periods of time. You might want to add an extra level of security to your property or turn on a light downstairs so that you have better visibility when you get home. These can be controlled with the touch of a button.

Should you invest in smart technology for the home? 

There are lots of benefits to investing in smart technology for your home. Here are a few factors to bear in mind if you’re looking to incorporate it into your home.

Energy Saving 

Most smart technology is ‘smart’ because it allows the user to use exactly what they need to. Smart thermostats, for example, are a great way to save energy because they allow you to control your home heating from wherever you are in the world. This means that you’re likely to save a lot more money than you would if you left your heating on throughout the day.

Even though most boilers or heating systems will have timer features, they might not be as accurate or efficient as smart thermostats because they don’t necessarily control the temperature, and you can’t alter the time if you are out of the property.
Some energy saving thermostats are so smart they can learn your daily routine and work around it, ensuring that your home is warm when you need it to be. 

Money Saving

Aside from being energy-efficient, smart technology systems are often great for the bank account. Although the upfront cost of a smart home appliance can be steep, you’ll soon find that you will save money in the long term.

Smart meters allow the homeowner to be completely aware of what they are spending in one day, week or month so they are much more likely to be conscious of when their gas or electric is in use.

It can be easy to forget when you have left a light on in another room, left a radiator on or forgotten to unplug a mobile charger. With smart technology devices for the home, you become a lot more aware of the devices or appliances running in the house so that you can save money all year around.

Greater control

Most people would agree that their phones are where they store a lot of information and apps. Smart technology often allows users to connect a home device to their phone. This means that for people that have invested in smart technology for their home, they have more control over a lot more aspects of their home than they would have before.

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