Reasons Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Central Heating System

Reasons Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Central Heating System

Many properties still have old boiler and heating systems that could be costing you more money than you’d hoped, especially over the winter months. If you have one of these boilers, it could be time for an upgrade. Replacing your central heating may seem like a substantial investment, but the benefits that you’ll experience after the installation will outweigh the costs of an upgrade tenfold.

There will be some telltale signs that you are due to upgrade, and some of these may be more obvious than others. So take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider replacing your existing central heating system to improve your home.

Regular repairs to your old boiler

If you’re experiencing issues with your central heating system and boiler and find you have to call a professional out to repair it regularly, it may be time to get a new one. When you start considering the costs of frequent repairs, it can mount up and may be more cost-effective to get an upgraded system installed.

Increased energy efficiency and cost savings

Many people often focus on the initial cost of installing a new boiler and heating system, but in fact, the costs savings over its life outweigh this investment. For many families lowering outgoings and monthly energy bills is important, so considering a replacement can help achieve this.

The cost savings are made by the increased efficiency of new boiler technology and construction, and get rid of the traditional on/off binary controls, which is an all or nothing way of heating the home. By making your property a more comfortable temperature all round, this reduces the need for the boiler to work overtime to heat the house and keeps each space at an ambient comfort level.

More control

New technology that is used with central heating systems can help to control temperature levels in different spaces throughout the home and also integrate controls through smart thermostats and smartphone technology. Introduction of various controls such as modulating room controllers, outdoor sensors, and thermostatic radiator valves can help to improve the efficiency of the boiler through individual controls. These can be integrated on the installation of new equipment and our gas engineers will be able to advise on the best systems for your home.

Old boilers take up space

If you have an old central heating system, then you will probably have an old clunky boiler that takes up a large space in your home. Modern boilers are not only more energy-efficient to save you money, but they are also smaller and quieter than previous models.

Replacing your boiler and heating system is a cost-effective way to make your home more comfortable for the whole family. If you’re considering upgrading your central heating system in your West London property, our experienced team can advise on the best solution for your home. Contact us today on 020 8434 3644 to get a free estimate.

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