What to Consider When Buying a Boiler

Buying a boiler is no easy task. They are expensive, quite complex and a buyer has to think about a number of factors to ensure they make the right choice. If you are looking to purchase a boiler, here are all the points and information you need to know before you hand over your money!

Choose a boiler that is known to be reliable and is from a reliable manufacturer

While you might be tempted to opt for a cheaper model from a company you have never heard of, realise that a reliable boiler means that you will not have to spend much over the years fixing any sudden breakdowns and issues. A cheaper model can also give up on you in the most awkward times. The last thing you want is freezing in your house during winter due to a broken boiler! The internet makes it easy to do your research and find a reliable model.

Make sure the central heating company is Gas Safe Certified

This is one of the key things you should check before enlisting a company for the job. If you choose a trustworthy company like West London Gas Ltd who have Gas Safe certified gas engineers, they are sure to help you out with crucial decisions and offer advice to help you get the best. Experienced gas engineers can also make sure that the system complies with all the regulations in the UK and that you have the documents to prove that.

What type of boiler fits your requirements?

There are 3 models of gas condensing boilers currently used in the UK.

One is the combi boiler that warms up the water and does not need an isolated loading tank. Ideal for small or medium sized houses, they are the most commonly used model in the country due to the small size and hassle-free installation.

A conventional boiler uses a storage tank where warm water is stored for use in the future. While these are larger and cost more, they are ideal for a big household where there is a constant need for warm water.

Systems boilers are an efficient substitute for those who need a storage tank but baulk at the price and size of a conventional boiler. System boilers take up less space and are easier to install too when compared with conventional boilers. The fact that they can provide water to multiple pipes makes them great for large households too.

What is the right boiler size?

The size of the boiler depends on the capability of the boiler, its size and your requirements. A boiler that is too small and struggles to meet your requirements will overwork which will eventually shorten its lifespan. On the other hand, a boiler that is too large will run up your electricity bill.

This is something our engineers at West London Gas Ltd can help you decide. They can make a survey of your house, the number of bathrooms and outlets you have and decide on the right boiler for you. Give us a call on 020 8434 3644 to further discuss your requirements or visit our website https://www.westlondongas.com/ for more information on our services.

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