The Benefits of an Intelligent Heating Control For Your Home

During the winter – or during the summer, for that matter – there can be nothing more annoying than being unable to stabilise your central heating to a temperature that feels comfortable. Do you ever get in from work after a cold winter’s day only to find that your home is just as cold?

Although nearly all central heating systems have a timing function, they’re not always as effective as you need them to be. To circumvent this problem, a number of intelligent control systems are now on the market, designed to give you more control.

They Give You More Control

Intelligent heating controls give you far more control over how much and when you heat your home. You can fine-tune the heating of your home by a single degree which will help you keep your home at exactly the right temperature all year round.

You’ll also be able to accurately regulate when the heating comes on and when it turns off again before, during and after work which means that you’ll always stay comfortable, but can spend as little and save as much energy as possible.

They Can Save You Money

This added control will also save you money. Turning down the temperature by just 1 degree can save as much as 10% on your bill across the year. Similarly, being able to decide exactly when your heating comes on before you get up and during your work hours means that you can have the heating on for as little time as possible during the day.

Accessible From Your Phone

Most new intelligent thermostats can also link up with your phone, which means that you can access your home central heating system from anywhere in the world. If you’ve realised that you’ve left your heating on whilst away on holiday, just a few clicks of your smartphone and you’ll save yourself from a hefty bill.

Install an Intelligent Heating Control For Your Home With West London Gas

If you want to make your life easier at home and gain quicker access to your thermostat, get in touch with us at West London Gas, as we can install an intelligent control for your system. These systems can help to make your home a more comfortable place and reduce your bills.

To find out more, contact us. You can find us at West London Gas Ltd, Boundary House, Boston Rd, London, W7 2QE, call us on 020 8434 3644 or email us at

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