Tips on How To Save Money on Your Gas and Electricity Bills

Everyone wants to save some money from some of the more boring aspects of life – like bills – to free it up for what makes us happy. One of the key areas that we can do this is via our energy bills; read on to find out some simple tips and tricks on how to save money on your utilities.

Insulate Your Home

Effectively insulating your home is a great way to retain much of the heat generated by your central heating system. By properly improving the insulation in your walls, roof, floors and installing efficient windows and doors, you can save literally hundreds of pounds without having to upgrade your boiler.

Use Your Garden To Dry Your Clothes

Tumble dryers are one of the biggest energy-guzzlers of all your home appliances so, particularly in the summer months, it’s worth utilising any outside space to dry your clothes after a wash. Although it may take a little bit longer to dry, it can save you significant amounts of money.

Turn Down The Heat

Simply turning your thermostat down by a single degree can actually save an astonishing 10% on your annual gas bill! This difference you feel in your home will be negligible, but the difference to your wallet could be huge!

Turn Off The Lights

This might seem obvious, but making sure that you always turn all of the lights off can save masses on your electricity bills. As you leave a room, just double check that the light has been turned off and sweep the home before you leave for the day.

Have a New Boiler Installed or Repaired with West London Gas

Another great way that you can make your home more energy efficient is to install a brand new boiler into your home. At West London Gas, we have years of experience serving our customers across West London and provide a range of central heating services to keep you toasty and save you money.

To find out more, contact us. You can find us at West London Gas Ltd, Boundary House, Boston Rd, London, W7 2QE, call us on 020 8434 3644 or email us at

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